Suisumura is a free-school with a boarding system. We support youths who want to challenge in a new environment.

【Our Principle】

Christian spirit is our foundation. And our aim is to equip oneself with consideration for others as well as strength to live a full and vigourous life.

【Our Aim】

Our aim is to equip youths with strength for self-reliance, as well as building healthy inter-personal relations.

【Our Principle】

We want to value the most common and basic things the children need, which is  to move a lot, eat a lot, and sleep a lot.
①We live a  regular life. (Time to study, time to sleep and teaching jobs that is needed for a normal life)
②We play lots of  sports and group activities. (Softball, Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball, etc.)
③We support studies one-to-one.(Staffs with Qualifications for Teaching and for Social Work, will teach the children as needed, day or night, from basics to graduation.)
④We work together.
⑤We are especially careful about safe and balanced diet.
⑥We value homey atmosphere.

※We respond to each children according to their abilities or levels of interests. We also tend to change daily activities according to circumstances.

※We talk from the Bible on Sundays. This is not to force someone to join any religious groups, but to think together about the way of life as a person.



We accept children who aren’t going to school, children who want to play to their hearts content in the nature, students who want to acquire credits or graduation qualifications for high school via correspondence courses, adults who want to experience farming or internship, youths who are aiming for social and occupational self-reliance. The stay can be for short-term or long-term, depending on their own desires.

We also consult and/or accept youths with developmental disabilities (LD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder), youths who shut-in themselves, NEET, and youths who have difficulties in living a normal life in various ways.

<Support on Studies>

There are things we can do “just because it’s Suisumura”.

Study One-To-One
・We are able to support studies one-to-one from Elementary School to High School students depending on their abilities.(Experienced in teaching with past results)


Acquisition of Qualifications ・To improve basic scholastic achievements, we support students to acquire qualifications according to their abilities. The main qualifications we support are Chinese characters proficiency test and English proficiency test(both upto second grade). We support English Conversational skills as well, along with acquiring qualifications. As for other qualifications, we also support as occasion requires.

・It’s possible to study at night. (Especially during the examination period and for the students who are preparing for the exams)

・We occasionally inform the parens on the students’ progress on their studies.

What We Value More Than Studies

・Not only to sit at desks and study, but we also spare lots of time for sports and work. (That is because our aim is to educate character)


Ex-Elementary School Teacher and His family (2 Qualified Teachers), Social Worker, Volunteer, Suisumura Executive Committe


Touring the facilities and educational consultation on those who shut-in themselves or NEET, is free of charge.

Basically ¥5,000 a day (with 3 meals a day, and supports on studies, sports, and life guidances.) However, arrangements are possible according to the family’s economic situations.

Costs for Special Programs (Study Tour, Ski Class, Sea Bathing, etc.)will be needed separately.

An enrollment fee wll be ¥10,000.

For more details, please call at: 0824-87-2808 or


<How to Reach Us>

By Car

20 minutes from Kuchiwa IC which is on Matsue Road (Connected From Miyoshi Higashi JCT)

45 minutes from Miyoshi IC, or 40 minutes from Shobara IC, both ICs on Chugoku Jidousha Road

1km from Ex-Kanaobara Skiing Ground

(We will come pick you up at Kuchiwa Town Office when the snow is deep)

By Train

Miyoshi Station: Geibi Line (from Hiroshima), Fukuen Line (from Fukuyama), Sankou Line (from Goutsu)

When Using Highway Buses

From Tokyo area: Iwami Express starting at Tsuwano and headed for Hamada. Tickets are sold in convenience stores. Please get off the bus at Shobara IC.

From Osaka area:Hankyu Kousoku Bus starting at Osaka and headed for Niimi/Miyoshi. Tickets are sold in convenience stores and ticket windows at Osaka Station. Please get off at Shobara IC or Miyoshi Bus Center.

*Please call us in advance and we will come pick you up at Miyoshi or Shobara.

〒 728-0501

285 Miyauchi, Kuchiwa-cho, Shobara-shi, Hiroshima-ken

Suisumura Representative  Nobuyuki Kihara

TEL&FAX :0824-87-2808

※We are recruiting members who would like to support Suisumura!

We receive calls or inquiry at other times except while attending, but we prefer you call us in the morning since we tend to be at home in the morning.

Recruiting Volunteers!!

We need more workers to support children because each of them differs in ages, levels of development and the problems they carry. We are recruiting volunteers who can help us out short-term or long-term.

Main activities will be helping the children out with their studies, playing sports and working together. Please refer to the schedule on HP.

※Food and a place to stay will be provided if you come to Suisumura. If you are coming by bus or by train, please come either to Shobara or Miyoshi, and we will come pick you up. The details for highway bus stops and train stations are given above.

Please call or email us, to get more informations.

Birthday Party

※We are recruiting members who can support us.
<Information on Suisumura Membership System>
◆Membership Type
Suisumura Supporting Member Membership Fee (for one year): ¥3,000 for one contribution (or optional amount)
◆Fiscal Year

From April 1st to the next year’s March 31st
(Same amount for those who become a member during the fiscal year.)


For those who are Supporting Members of Suisumura, we will respond to educational consultation on children who don’t go to school or who shut-in themselves.
Also, the Supporting Members can stay at Suisumura for one night without charge (including meals).

◆Usage of Contributions

For Suisumura’s operating expenses, facilities expenses and buying equipments.

◆How to Apply for Membership

Via Telephone, FAX, Email or Postcard